DFS – Dual Fuel System

DFS – Dual Fuel System

In this energy evolution journey, there are huge steps we all observe, such as the expanded use of green hydrogen in rail applications. There are also incremental steps toward advanced technology to reduce the harsh environmental effects of using diesel generators.

As a part of the performance of this technology, an existing Diesel engine can be retrofitted with a simple kit to perform with a mix of Methane rich gases and Diesel. This dual fuel conversion kit helps to reduce the cost of fuel and the harmful contents of the engine emission for the same amount of electrical or mechanical energy delivered. Engine life and operational safety are not affected. Dual Fuel conversions kit for diesel generators are mainly used for Power Generation and DG Sets.

What is Dual Fueling System?

Dual Fuelling is the concurrent combustion of two fuels. Dual Fuel solutions kit can be retrofitted on existing low and high-speed diesel engines to allow the usage of a mixture of Methane rich gas (most usually Natural gas) with Diesel as fuel. After mutation, the engine can resume operating with only Diesel also. However, a ‘Gas only’ function is not possible.

During the Dual Fuel process, a reduced amount of diesel fuel functions as the ignition source for the air-gas mixture. The Methane rich gas mix substitutes a significant proportion of Diesel to deliver comparable heat energy during combustion in the cylinder. The emissions from such engines see an order of progress. In the current market requirements, this also means a significant price reduction.