RECD – Retrofit Emission Control Device

Retrofit Emission Control System & Devices

Buy a retrofit emission control device & reduce DG Set emission up to 95%. Book your order now to buy retrofit emission control devices for DG Set. Our firm is the authorized manufacturer of emission control systems for diesel generators by following standard norms. We understand the problem of air pollution & how it become a major challenge for our coming generation. We also need to control it for a better & sustainable future.

To control air pollution emission levels NGT, CPCB & other pollution control boards set a few parameters for diesel engines. As per National Green Tribunal data diesel engine operation is one major cause of air pollution. Diesel engines typically use 20%-25% less fuel with cheaper running costs. This makes them more efficient but it has several disadvantages too. When burnt, they emit various harmful emissions, pollutants & toxic gases. Various studies show that diesel engine exhaust is more harmful to the human body that causes damage to lung & respiratory problems and also cancer.


Keeping in mind all these things, National Green Tribunal (NGT) issued strict guidelines (a copy of which we have attached below) for the use of retrofitted emission control equipment or devices (RECD). At EO Energy, we provide a custom-designed RetroFit Emission Control System to control hazardous gaseous pollutants released by diesel generators, following all the guidelines issued by NGT, CPCB, and EPCA. Our firm is the largest manufacturer & supplier of emission control devices for DG sets in India.

What is a Retro-fit Emission Control Devices (RECD)?

A retrofit emission control device is installed to reduce the harmful emission & pollutants exhaust from the diesel generator. In a country where frequent power cut is a normal thing, diesel Genset is widely used for continuous power backup. When diesel burns, it emits unburned hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), or particulate matter (PM) into the air. As per WHO, the safety limit of this particulate matter is 23 micrograms per cubic meter. Diesel generators cause the density to increase up to 300 micrograms per cubic meter.

The retrofit device technique adds the extra advantage to control the emission of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide from diesel generators. The very common retrofitted technology for DG Set is the installation of retrofit devices in the diesel engine exhaust system. The retrofitted equipment installed in the exhaust system controls the emission during the diesel generator operation. These RECDs are built and tested to follow the standard and norms set by NGT, Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MoEF & CC).